How to hire a freelance graphic designer [6 key tips]

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There are many occasions when you need to hire a graphic designer : Create a logo, make a book cover, an advertising banner, develop animated characters , the graphic line of your brand, the design of your website and much more.

The design service provided by a professional is very important, because when your work has been done by a true expert the difference is noticeable.

They are creative designs, with colors that combine or contrast perfectly, well-crafted images, and eye-catching but legible typography. All these are fundamental elements for your design to be visually attractive.

Today we will see some tips to know how to choose and hire a graphic designer.

The visual appeal of your brand is very important. A well-designed graphic line applied to all points of contact with the client (cards, promotions, website, emails, etc.) makes potential clients see that it is a well-organized company with its own identity.

Colors and shapes in a design convey different ideas and even influence customers’ purchasing decisions.

So if you want to get the help of a professional, follow these steps:

1. Clear and detailed communication

The professional you hire should be able to develop the entire design idea from some key details that you must give.

Apart from the obvious, which are the measurements of the art, you must tell him in what medium you are going to exhibit the art, if you are going to use it for digital publication or are you going to print it on a banner, poster, paper flyers, etc.

Also tell him what you want your design for, what type of audience it is aimed at . This way, you will have a clearer idea of ​​how to distribute the elements in the art.

Let him know if you already have a previous base or design to work on, if you have thought of a particular image or typeface or if you want a proposal from scratch completely.

2. Empathy

The designer must be interested in the activity of your business or your personal philosophy to capture the spirit of design, the emotion that you want to convey to those who see it. If you feel that he understands you and brings ideas that you like, you are on the right track.

Review their portfolio of work.

The designs you see have to click you from the beginning. That is, you have to like their graphic proposal and you must be able to visualize your brand reflected in the style that the graphic designer prints to each work.

3. Experience

When you hire a designer, ask about their experience. Ask him to see what other jobs he has done and see if there are any similar to yours.

If the design you want is not too complicated, you can look to a less professional designer to get a good price.

But if it is more complex or requires different stages, as in the case of editorial design (magazines, books, etc.), websites, branding and others, ask how much experience they have. Also, if you have participated in other projects that require the same level of complexity.

4. Price

Large corporations and companies do not skimp when it comes to investing in the development of their image and advertising. They even pay millions to international agencies to carry out the work. 

However, this does not mean that you have to have a fortune to find someone to help you with original and high quality proposals.

freelance graphic designer is preferable to an agency, as it will give you a more personal service. You will get the same quality, but at a better price.

Always compare between several offers before choosing who to hire. Prices may vary depending on each designer, brand, etc.

Almost two decades ago, the BBC spent $ 1.8 million on the redesign of its logo. On the other hand, other logos, such as Google or Coca Cola, had no cost, since they were created by the founders of the company.

5. Various proposals

The professional you hire must present more than one proposal for you to choose a graphic line. Once you evaluate which of their proposals you like the most, make the observations and modifications you need.

Define from the beginning, with the help of the graphic designer, how many reviews there will be to approve the final design. Set a deadline to track compliance with all the specifications.

6. Availability to work remotely

It is not necessary that you meet to do the work in person with the freelancer. You can use a freelance work platform. You will find many experts in graphic design to help you.

In conclusion, hiring a freelance graphic designer requires attention to details that will help you save money and choose the best one.

We invite you to register at Creatic Solution, where you will find a whole community of freelancers who are experts in graphic design. You will be able to see their work done in their portfolios.

One of our advantages is that when you publish your project, you will receive many work proposals so that you can choose the one you like the most. Take your time to review it and ask for opinions from friends.

Greetings and good luck!

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