How to hire a web development company? 10 keys to get it right!

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When hiring the website development company, many clients make 10 mistakes that doom their investment to failure. Watch out!

In the process of developing your future web page, the right choice when hiring the web page development company, or independent web developer, to make your company’s strategy on the Internet come true, is key and, surely, one of the most important investments of your business.

When it comes to attracting talent from a company to develop any type of commercial project, many company managers boast of their skills and intuition to get the best professionals to work for them. But the truth is that, to be completely right when hiring the website development company, is half exact knowledge of what you need and, I will not deny it, half luck . I say “half is luck” because everything is based on probabilities. We always try to cover all aspects, so that the experience with that web developer is positive, but the development of the page can vary due to several factors.

I suppose you have already read our article regarding the prices of web page designers and the selection criteria, as well as the prices in general for making a web page design . If so, you probably have a firmer base for selecting and hiring the website development company that is much more likely to be successful .

How to hire a web development company?  10 keys to get it right!

However, it is also true that, when hiring the website development company, or an independent web developer, the client usually makes many mistakes, some very basic. Mainly this is due, in my point of view, to a misunderstanding of the functions of a web developer. That is why I am going to clarify what you should expect from their services.

What does the website development company do?

When hiring the web development company, it is done to develop the style of the web page , that is, it is who defines the shapes, the colors, the distribution of the space. It can be said that he is the one who designs and assembles the web page. Nothing else. Pay attention to this definition, because it is possible that you had another idea in your head.

That is, a web page developer does not program the web page , nor does it make changes at the programming level. Or, at least, it is not something they are used to doing, although it can always be done by web developers who have also trained in web programming.

Similarly, a web development company does not know about digital marketing. and does not understand commercial strategies based on web positioning (SEO), or campaigns on social networks.

A web development company focuses exclusively on the web page, to design and set it up, but without touching other fields outside the web, such as digital marketing campaigns, commercial web positioning strategies (SEO), advertising on social networks , etc.

That is, a web developer is hired as the artist who is going to translate your ideas, needs and objectives into a web page. But it does not “come out” of what the web page is.

What about the rest of the work? Well, it will depend on the complexity of the website. Many times, especially when using content managers, such as WordPress, the developer can do the great part, because the programming is already thought out and it works. That is why the price for creating a WordPress website is usually cheaper than other options.

But if it is a more complex web page, which requires custom programming, then, apart from the web developer, you also need to hire a web programmer .

One last thing I want to tell you, before going into the matter of common mistakes when hiring the website development company is that, just as the web developer does not work outside of his field, which is the website, a programmer web does not know how to design . Trust me, if you want your website to look professional, then you need to hire a web developer. In addition, if you want a more comprehensive and complete website, according to your Internet business strategy, then you will need someone who knows digital marketing, but we will see that later.

10 tips and keys for hiring your website development company

Let’s move on to see then the most common mistakes when hiring the web page development company, or independent web developer (Freelance).

Don’t hire a web development company and try it yourself

I know that, somewhere in the process, you have wondered why not create your own website. After all, it shouldn’t be that complicated, and that would save you that money, right?

But, if you are a person who does not have any experience in web pages, or if you do not have many free hours to learn to develop web pages previously, I do not recommend trying it on your own. These are one of the things that one does not do to see how it turns out and see what happens: the fate of your business is at stake , too important to carry out tests!

Knowing how to develop a web page is not to place elements that are attractive so that whoever visits your web page is excited to know what you sell: it goes much further.

Behind everything that is seen, there is a whole technological system, a programming, a link with the web server that has been configured, designed to perfection and many other things at a more technical level.

Developing a web page requires creative training in web page design and technical training in the installation of a content manager and configuration with the web server.

I’m not going to deny that content managers, such as WordPress or Joomla, make everything relatively easier and, for this reason, the price for creating a WordPress website is usually cheaper than custom development. But when you start working with these systems, without the proper training and experience , the results you get are not as professional as they should be.

Just as I tell you one thing, I tell you another; If you are interested in the world of web development, you can educate yourself about it and you can use the knowledge acquired in some future web project. I know what it feels like to be curious about web development and how exciting it is; That is what has led me to acquire the knowledge that I have now! 🙂

But, in the vast majority of cases, I always recommend not trying it on your own and choose to hire the developer of the website for that important project for your company.

Try to get the web developer to build your business and your commercial strategy

You must bear in mind that the web developer is just a tool, a person who executes and shapes your business strategy , in the form of a web page.

The worst decision of all is, without a doubt, hiring the website development company to be the one who decides how to sell your product, your business strategy. In fact, just thinking about it makes me break into a cold sweat!

The web developer is the one who executes and shapes the website, according to the commercial strategy you have developed, but not who decides how to sell your product or your online commercial strategy!

Let’s see, you and only you are the one who knows what you sell and how you want to show it to your customers. Web page developers are only responsible for the aesthetics of the page, design and shape. Many times they do not even know what the business strategy behind the website they are designing is!

Then, the web development company is in charge of making your ideas and business strategy come true, aesthetically speaking, and nothing else.

If you need to know more about how to devise the website, from the point of view of commercial and digital marketing strategy, then you need the services of web consultants , or experts in online and digital marketing like we are at Xplora.

Assess the cost-performance ratio when hiring the web development company

Not understanding the cost / results of the budgets received

One of the most important issues, when hiring the website development company, is knowing exactly how much we are willing to pay for what we want, and avoid sinning by excess or by default.

Before going into the points of the defect and the excess, I must tell you that the most common mistake is to choose the web development offer only taking into account the price, your budget, and choose the cheapest. Avoiding it is one of the many decisions you must make before creating the website .

It is important to know how much we are going to pay, but it is not the only thing that we must take into account because money does not tell you how good the result will be, it only gives you expectations.

It is important that you know in detail your available budget, and that you let the web developer know so that this professional can offer you to develop an optimized web page according to your pocket, and thus avoid surprises!

I give you a simple example, for the creation of a web page there are developments from scratch, totally tailored to you, and developments from a pre-designed template.

If you do not want to spend a lot of money then, it is very likely that web developers will offer you to build your web page based on a pre-designed template, with no or very few changes in the design, so your web page will be very similar to many others circulating on the Internet.

While, on the other hand, designing a website from scratch allows you more flexibility and customization, just as you have it in mind, although the cost is much more expensive than the previous option.

I take this opportunity to make a clarification; It is not a sin to use a predesigned template for your website . In fact, there are web page developers who know how to work templates professionally and they look great. But remember that they work according to what they are paid and, if it is little, they will do little.

The sin of excess is wanting to overpay, believing that you are going to get more. The truth is that, there comes a point, where the web developer cannot do more with your website and, in that case, paying more is wasting money foolishly.

A web page does not have to be excessive to be attractive. In fact, I tell you that the simpler and “minimalist” your website is, the better; is the trend.

Wanting to pay very little when hiring the web development company

I have already told you that not hiring a web development company is a bad idea, if you want a professional website. Now, a web developer who you pay very little can have the same result because, for little money, you are surely hiring someone who does not have enough training or experience to do a professional job.

Remember that the image of your company is reflected through the website and, a low-cost website with a little elaborate web design, will not speak very well of your company to your potential customers.

Now, we cannot focus on how beautiful the development of your website is. As I have already told you, there must be harmony between the beauty , the functionality and the marketing of your website.

Wanting to pay as little as possible, or choosing the cheapest budget, can lead you to hire a web development company without sufficient training or experience to offer you a quality result that really brings you benefits.

This mistake is usually made because we think that anyone can do the work of designing our website, and it is not like that. Designing and layout a web page is complex, sometimes a headache and, therefore, requires a web developer, with training and experience , who knows how to deal with the inconveniences that appear.

Paying too much when hiring the web development company

Reading the previous part, perhaps you could have reached the conclusion “ well, to be sure that the result is good, I choose to hire the web page development company that charges me the most ” and no; That is not logical reasoning!

It is not true that because you pay excessively more, the development of the website will be better; we simply have to find the best value for money.

Obviously, that fair price for designing the website depends on the experience and reputation of the web developer, but going from paying € 1,000 to paying € 10,000 should warn you that it is getting out of hand. This is why it is very important to study the offers of various web developer developers and determine what is the optimal price to pay.

Hire a ” low cost ” web development company

At this point I am going to tell you a personal anecdote that happened to me; You know I love to put these kinds of examples!

I once saw, in a Facebook ad, a promotion from one of these great web design agencies . The offer was as follows:

$ 100 for each landing created (a landing is the equivalent of only one web page, while a website has several landings that make it up). The price included, the hosting and the payment of the right on web domain. Each landing was created in WordPress and with a template that they themselves chose.

That may not sound bad to you, but wait I’m not done yet. The offer continued like this:

If you were interested, they would send you a questionnaire by email, with very basic questions, for example, type of business, logo, a slogan, the products they offer and little else, there were no meetings or calls. Each landing was delivered to you ready and “optimized” in three days after the form was submitted.

If you are still not aware of the time it takes to design and layout a website, I will put you in context; it may take months to get ready.

So how do you do it in three days? Making only very basic modifications of a web template that you already have, with a generic marketing proposal and little attention to details or the characteristics of the client. This is how the big “ low cost ” web page companies work .

I think that I have nothing more to say about this option, only that the offers that are too good to be true are that; they have a trap.

Hire a developer to program your website

I had already told you about this, it is as simple as that a web developer is not a web page programmer, nor vice versa . The website developer can help you a lot with the style, but very little with the development of custom features.

The web developer is not a web programmer, nor a web consultant, nor a digital marketing technician, you must choose the right professional for each project of your company on the Internet!

A common mistake similar to this one that I mentioned earlier is letting the website developer decide how your product or service is sold through the website. It is not that you give them all the responsibility, because I promise you that the work will go wrong, it is a matter of working as a team; you tell him what you want, and how you want it, and he makes it happen within the possibilities of web development.

Use free web builders

Let’s establish something before we talk about this topic; It is assumed that you have chosen to hire the web development company to set up the website for your business, right? So you don’t want it to be built with a free builder , known as web builders .

The main objective, when hiring the design of your website , is that it personalizes the development of your website to the point where it fully adapts to your business strategy on the Internet. That helps you, among many things, to set your own style and that your company has a commercial tool that generates benefits and attracts potential customers. You cannot achieve this with free web page builders as they are low-quality templates with minimal customization options.

The website of your company must be personalized to the image of your company, aligned with your business strategy and this, through free web builders and their low-quality templates, is impossible to achieve!

Perhaps, if it were a personal web project, or a Blog, a project with no intention of making money, you can think of these builders, but not for any other case.

Do not choose or work with a content manager (CMS)

I’m going to talk to you about a reality of many web page developers, who prefer the beautiful to the functional and, in some cases, it bothers them (yes, it bothers them) to work with tools that many use. If you talk to a web page developer about the best known content management system , WordPress, many wrinkle their face, because it does not give them all the freedom to create that they want, although I do not think that is true.

What it ends up offering you is a beautiful page, but difficult, I say difficult, impossible to handle. Many web page developers want you to put aside the functional for the aesthetic and that if you have to make a change, “suffer!” 🙂

It requires that your web page be mounted on a content manager, such as WordPress, because it will make it much easier for you to make any changes to the web page, or it will be much cheaper when someone has to do it for you.

So, look for a web page developer who offers to build your website with a WordPress-like content manager; This will make it much easier for you to administer the website and manage the content.

Another thing, do not be you who decides that the best is a personalized manager. First, it will be very expensive and, second, it will not be as intuitive as the most popular managers. Customization is fine, but the first thing is that it is functional.

When hiring the web developer, check which CMS content manager will be used

Simply becoming obsessed with aesthetics rather than functional

When hiring the web designer , I know that you want your website to be simply beautiful, but it is useless if it is technically beautiful if the page does not work or does not offer a fantastic user experience to your potential client.

Above all, I want you to keep in mind that a web page overloaded with decorative elements takes much longer to load than a simpler web page, and the content loading time is essential for Internet users to remain or not on your page.

Focus on the usability of the website, that it is easy to navigate and that loads fast, offering a simple and clean web design, so you will make your potential clients fall in love!

Web development must have the fast loading feature, that is why we see more and more simple and very functional pages .

Don’t consider mobile versions, big mistake!

This is a failure that is committed a lot and that is less justified every day.

Perhaps in the past, in those days when the mobile Internet was taking its first steps, it was not important to consider a version for mobile devices . But today it is an obligation.

If the web developer does not guarantee that your website is fully mobile-friendly, then look for another option because, today, more than half of Internet access is made from mobile devices.

Many times it is believed that responsive web page design  is something different from normal web development and it is almost believed that two web pages are created, but the truth is that it is not. Basically what is done is to give special instructions in CSS so that the page adapts to screens smaller than those of a computer, such as a mobile phone.

You need to know about the subject to do it as well as possible and you should take it into account when hiring the website development company. There are even plenty of free templates that feature responsive designs, you shouldn’t have a problem getting your web developer to guarantee you a mobile responsive website !

Don’t opt ​​for search engine optimized layouts

So it’s one thing for the development to be responsive or not and another for the development to be search engine friendly .

The structure of the web page must be such that search engines can enter it, and find the information it contains easily, otherwise it will be very difficult for your web page to appear in the results lists of web search engines such as Google.

Even if he is not an SEO expert, the web developer must ensure that the web page will be fully indexable (visible and navigable) by web search engines, such as Google or Bing.

The structure of the web page is based on a directory from where the information is branched according to some kind of logical order. Although today, there are many content managers that facilitate layout, the content configuration falls on the person who develops the web page.

Don’t consider hidden costs or other side charges

Generally, a web page has more expenses than meets the eye. To give you an example, you must pay annually for the domain and for the web server service.

By hiring a web developer for your website project, costs can be added and added as it develops, especially if you have not determined what is included in the price.

When requesting a budget for your web page, it requires a list of all the other payments that you will have to make in parallel services to the development of the web: web domain registration, web hosting, software license, web maintenance, etc.

A mistake is to believe that a single payment is made and that’s it. Every web page also needs web maintenance and, in many cases, even a webmaster who makes sure that everything runs smoothly.

In this sense, it is best to  ask for a budget with a single and invariable price that includes everything ; trust me, it’s going to be cheaper in the end.

It is important that you consider these costs to determine if the business is feasible or not. Above all, be very careful with the terms and conditions when hiring the website development company and remember that ignorance becomes your worst enemy in these cases.

Explain your idea to us and let’s start something great!

We will work together to achieve a web page made with love, true to your business, that reflects your personality, safe, fast and very well positioned in Google and other search engines. Simply put, a website that gives you results!

Ask us for a quote!

To finish I want to tell you that it does not matter if you have made any of these mistakes, it is common for it to happen when one is inexperienced in some matter. What is really very important is that you correct everything you can so that you have a good result in the end.

In the event that you are thinking of hiring the development of a web page , the entire Creatic team is at your disposal.

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